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The 9others Community at the 2019 Summer Party

The 9others Community at the 2019 Summer Party

One of the most common challenges tabled at meals with 9others over the years is around talent. Recruiting the best and keeping them — this challenge keeps many people up at night!

Recruiting for a startup is a constant challenge. There is always a better funded company out there so culture, mission and social responsibility play as important a part as salary and benefits.

Through the connections Matthew & Katie have made at 9others we’ve been able to help startups such as what3words, Coconut and Big Health recruit early employees, which are so critical to early traction and success.

That’s why we’ve launched the 9others Jobs Page. This is a place where you can post the roles available in your startup for a fair price and in exchange we will promote them to the community on the jobs page and on LinkedIn, Twitter and 9others Slack (over 50,000 combined). The listing allows you to show off the team that the successful candidate will be working with, the environment they’ll be working in and aspects of the culture that will make them a good fit.

If you have a role you’re recruiting for then you can fill out this form and list it for one, two or three months. Prices start from £99 for one month’s listing (two for £175 and three for £250).

If you post now we’ll include the rest of August for free!