C++ Developer at STRYDE

Above:  Michael Popham , Commercial Director, of the STRYDE Team

Above: Michael Popham, Commercial Director, of the STRYDE Team


Company Overview:

STRYDE is reinventing seismic. Our focus today is unlocking seismic for everyone: oil and gas, mining and renewables and seismic acquisition with a much lower environmental footprint and a reduced risk to people. You can join us on this mission.

Working for STRYDE you can expect:

  • An opportunity to create disruptive products and services

  • Fast paced environment – we are a lightweight organisation with momentum. Our products and our people move quickly

  • To do good. The technologies we provide are safer and better working conditions and reduce impact on the environment

Job Description:

As a C++ Developer – you will be working mainly in C++ to build robust code for our central system software. Huge volumes of data flows through the system 24/7, so robust & resilient code is essential to ensure we don’t lose any data integrity.

Being a part of the first team hired into STRYDE, you will have a great opportunity to influence and shape the software as we move forward and revolutionise the way seismic acquisition is done.

The STRYDE software spans across multiple hardware devices and data processing infrastructure, e.g.:

  • Firmware, sitting on the STRYDE sensors, or ‘loggers’

  • Data processing software to retrieve, clean, compile and process the data collected from seismic exploration

  • Seismic survey planning software, steering the overall data collection

  • Custom-made applications on tablets for in-field use

What you will do:

  • Development of new code to not only optimise the current product, but to also allow the system to process higher volumes of data

  • Input into the product roadmap by using technical expertise to drive continuous improvement

  • Support existing code, troubleshooting and fixing bugs in that are causing potential bottlenecks or latency in the system

  • Working in an Agile Scrum environment, and being an active participant in all Scrum ceremonies

Who we are looking for:

  • Extensive experience of C++ high performance programming – ideally working on low-level programming, close to the hardware

  • Expertise with C++11 – exposure to C++17 is a plus

  • Experience developing robust code that can run 24/7 and deal with high volumes of data – with little or no downtime

  • Expertise in working on Linux based systems

  • Experience using Make / CMake

  • Adept at unit testing using cppunit or similar

  • Experience implementing mathematical models

  • Familiarity with modern tools around code versioning (git) and continuous integration

We are also preferably looking for:

  • Seismic domain knowledge preferred

  • Experience working with Google Protocol Buffers is a plus

Being part of a start-up brings with it a lot of opportunities and challenges, so we are looking for people who are not set in working in one way or with one idea – we need people who are keen to push the boundaries to allow us to meet the aggressive targets we have set ourselves. The software you will build will support our growth and is fundamental to our proposition.

Interview Process:

Initial 30 minute call then face-to-face interview with John Mushriqui.


Freelance with competitive day-rate

Working with:

  • Michael Popham, Commercial Director (LinkedIn profile here, also in the photo above)

  • John Mushriqui, leading the interview process (LinkedIn profile here)


With our fearless attitude and agile delivery, we are approaching big challenges in a way that fosters a culture of innovation. We are looking at the future, and STRYDE will change the way that seismic is done.

Working for STRYDE you can expect:

  • An opportunity to disrupt - creative solutions that get the best out of everything

  • Pace & Momentum - we are a lightweight organization - each facet of what we do moves quickly; you will need to!

  • To do better - the technology we are building has less impact on the environment and is safer for the crews deploying in the field

Above: The STRYDE Office in Southwark, London

Above: The STRYDE Office in Southwark, London