Java Developer at STRYDE

Above:  Michael Popham , Commercial Director, of the STRYDE Team

Above: Michael Popham, Commercial Director, of the STRYDE Team

JAVA Developer, London

Company Overview:

STRYDE is reinventing seismic. Our focus today is unlocking seismic for everyone: oil and gas, mining and renewables; seismic acquisition with a much lower environmental footprint and a reduced risk to people. You can join us on this mission.

Working for STRYDE you can expect:

  • An opportunity to create disruptive products and services

  • Fast paced environment – we are a lightweight organisation with momentum. Our products and our people move quickly

  • To do good. The technologies we provide are safer and better working conditions and reduce impact on the environment

Job Description:

As a Software Engineer you will work mainly on our backend data harvesting and data reconfiguration software. You will be working on building graphical interfaces that allow us to manage the large volumes of data that come from seismic surveys. The integrity of this data is critical to success of our product, so ensure the right interfaces are there and work every time is important.

You will be part of the initial team hired into Stryde, so there will be a fantastic chance to help shape the product roadmap. You will be responsible for:

  • Write well designed, testable, efficient code for data-oriented applications

  • Support continuous improvement by investigating alternatives and technologies and presenting these for architectural review.

  • Working as part of a team – improving coding standards and processes for the entire company

We are looking for you to have experience with:

  • Exceptional technical competency in Java (ideally Java 8 & JavaFX), along with strong database knowledge (ideally PostgreSQL)

  • Creative approach to software engineering

  • Understanding of DevOps and Continuous Integration

  • Seismic domain knowledge preferred

  • Strong focus on automated unit & integration testing

  • Any experience with C/C++ or Android development would be advantageous

As we move forward as Stryde, there will be lots of unknowns – so we are looking for someone with a passion for problem-solving and a real can-do attitude. Since we are looking to expand what our product can do – we will also allow a certain level of freedom and flexibility to explore other technology that can help us reach our goal.

Interview Process:

  1. Technical assessment: Coding test for Java

  2. One hour face-to-face interview with John


Freelance with competitive day-rate

Working with:

  • Michael Popham, Commercial Director (LinkedIn profile here, also in the photo above)

  • John Mushriqui, leading the interview process (LinkedIn profile here)


With our fearless attitude and agile delivery, we are approaching big challenges in a way that fosters a culture of innovation. We are looking at the future, and STRYDE will change the way that seismic is done.

Working for STRYDE you can expect:

  • An opportunity to disrupt - creative solutions that get the best out of everything

  • Pace & Momentum - we are a lightweight organization - each facet of what we do moves quickly; you will need to!

  • To do better - the technology we are building has less impact on the environment and is safer for the crews deploying in the field

Above: The STRYDE Office in Southwark, London

Above: The STRYDE Office in Southwark, London