Front-end Engineer at SeedLegals

Above: The SeedLegals Team

Above: The SeedLegals Team

Front-end Engineer, London

Job Description:

“Together we’ll disrupt the old world of paying lawyers to create documents designed for other lawyers, replacing it with an elegant data-driven platform that uses sophisticated document automation, data and expert knowledge to create the perfect documents in minutes. Our vision will give the founders of the 500,000 annual new UK startups the insight, knowledge and tools to build their dream. You’ll be excited by the challenge of inventing and shipping a world class application, whilst working very closely with one of the key names in the UK tech industry” - Anthony Rose, CEO at SeedLegals.

You will get an education in how a startup is created, built and scaled. You will learn from experts who’ve been there and done it whilst witnessing first-hand how thousands of other startups make the decisions that determine their futures. Great for any budding entrepreneurs out there!


  • You love building high-performance applications on mobile and desktop, and writing automatically tested TypeScript, standard HTML5 and efficient SCSS

  • You should have a deep knowledge of Angular practices and commonly used modules based on extensive work experience

  • Experience with Angular Material and RxJS (ngrx) would be fantastic

  • You see the value in writing unit tests using automated TDD tasks, using Karma for Jasmine or a well-reasoned alternative

  • You see life as incomplete without an e2e test suite for components, and run them with Protractor or a well-reasoned alternative


£35,000 - £50,000


Anthony Rose (LinkedIn profile here)


We *love* people who take the initiative. Be rewarded for having ideas and trying them. Also, great offices, company activities, changing the world.

Above: The SeedLegals Office in Holborn, London

Above: The SeedLegals Office in Holborn, London