Become a local host

Regular 9others Dinner

What is a meal with 9others?

Local meals with 9others are happening all over the world. The meals are so that entrepreneurs, founders and startup businesses can help each other solve the challenges of business that we face – each person (only ever 10 people – oneself and 9 others) share what’s “keeping them up at night”. For each challenge in turn the others around the table then share their own experiences, connections and solutions to try to help solve the problem. The meal is just the kick off – we connect all ‘others’ to each other around the world and hold quarterly parties where we invite everyone who’s ever been to a meal to have the chance to meet everyone else.

The ‘Golden Rules’.

Meals with 9others are global events for entrepreneurs brought to life by local hosts. This calls for some ‘Golden Rules’ for running a meal and it’s a host’s job to maintain the culture, values and integrity of the meals with 9others.

Becoming  a local 9others host.

To find out more about becoming a local 9others host follow this link and we’ll arrange a call.

Last updated: 25th March 2015