Julie Pham has been the 9others Host in Seattle since early 2013 and before that wrote about 9others in Forbes. Julie is a Cambridge-trained historian, blogger, venture philanthropist, and marketing professional and holds a number of positions including Vice President, Community Engagement and Marketing at the Washington Technology Industry Association, Commissioner at the Economic Development Commission, Board Member at Social Venture Partners Seattle and Co-Owner of Northwest Vietnamese News.

Home is…

International District, Seattle

Favourite city discovery?

Underground tour

What was the last play you saw?

Seven ways to get there, an original play commissioned by a Seattle CEO performed at the ACT Theater (one of my fav theaters)

Favourite shopping?

Goodwill on Dearborn—the largest Goodwill in the state

Earliest city memory?

Trees strung up with white lights during the holidays

What would you do if you were in charge of the city for the day?

More buses

Best place to let your hair down?

Bush Garden

First thing you do when you arrive back in town?


Building you’d like to be locked in all night?

Seattle Public Library

Who do you call when you want to have fun?


Best meal?


Favourite pub?


Who is your hero?

Martine Rothblatt

Biggest extravagance?

Year-long membership to Seattle Bouldering Project

Best piece of advice?

Make new mistakes

At the moment you are….



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