80th Meal with 9others - Jan 2017

My second day in London and I landed at this amazing dinner with 9others on January 25th. Having the chance to work with 9others and meeting entrepreneurs willing to make a social impact is an experience that has already started to empower me as an entrepreneur.

9others’ aim is to help entrepreneurs worldwide through building a network based on genuinely helping others based on the philosophy that “your success requires the aid of others”.

The dinner and the following days, including a presentation at Imperial College, have been really insightful in terms of motivation and powerful insights on what makes entrepreneurship such a bumpy ride and what it takes to start such a journey.

These are my top three tips based on my previous experience and what I have drawn from the 9others dinner and follow-up meetings I had as a part of 9others team:

1. Believe in yourself and your idea.
2. Stick to your idea and make it happen no matter what .
3. Build your network as it is a pivotal aspect on your entrepreneurship ride.

The meal with 9others attendees at the 80th dinner in London made me think:

4. There is no blueprint so think big.
5. Just start with the resources you have and do not make up excuses.
6. Take risks and make mistakes.
7. Be ambitious and do not settle.
8. Ship everyday.
9. Keep a lookout for opportunity.
10. Network with future-super stars as barriers are lower and they may be your future co-founders and collaborators.

By Cristina.

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