Be a customer Is it a coincidence that world class musicians enjoy listening to hours and hours of music? Is it a coincidence that Michelin-Starred chefs are experts at tasting? Is it a coincidence that pro-painters spend hours soaking up all the art in galleries? Maybe not.

Be a Star Customer

In the world of entrepreneurship, however, no one ever speaks about being a star customer. We spend hours immersed in studying the traits that make a great entrepreneur without giving a thought to cultivating the traits of a great customer. How do you expect to have an ideal customer without ever being one? If you were an ideal customer to a business/service, what would you do?

Be a Giver not a Taker

So, here’s a suggestion, the next time you find a product/service that you like,

  • Send them compliments
  • Recommend them to your friends
  • Tweet them ideas to grow their sales
  • DO something to help them.

You may never know – your next big business breakthrough might not come from being a star entrepreneur but from being a star customer.


This is a guest post from Sithan Kanna – Sithan is an Electrical Engineering PhD candidate at Imperial College London. He specialises in the field of Adaptive Signal Processing and Machine Learning and is currently looking for opportunities in Data Science.

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