GE2015 Result

Rachel Bell @ShineComms

“I was struggling to work out why the polls had called the vote so close and I’m delighted they got it wrong! A conservative government for the next five years will give the world continued confidence that ‘GB inc’ is worth backing. I’m also pleased the SNP has such a clean sweep as I’m hopeful it will give Scotland what they need to feel represented without seeking independence.”

Ollie Purdue @LootBank

“For a start-up one of the main concerns is a stable economy, this is where the Conservatives were a better choice. The country needs to continue economic growth and therefore a change in government now may jeopardise that.

One main concern is the upcoming EU referendum. Strategically and financially staying in the EU is an obvious choice. However the benefits are not universally known which makes the thought of being pulled out of the EU both possible and frightening. The next few months will be critical in not only discovering what may happen but also to start setting the arguments to staying in. The unfortunate part is many political parties would like to leave and their influence may prove decisive.”

Lauren Hine @Zealify

“The last 5 years of the coalition has helped build a stronger digital economy. The support given to entrepreneurs and digital businesses has helped the sector to flourish and become the dominant city for tech and startups in Europe. Alongside maintaining economic stability I believe this new government has the power to build London, and the rest of the UK, into a globally recognised technology cluster and become a place which provides entrepreneurs with favourable conditions to build and grow their businesses. Encouraging entrepreneurs to keep their business in the UK provides economic growth and increased jobs.

The focus on creating and growing young digital talent is crucial to ensure the lack of digital skills is plugged over the coming years. The majority of business owners I have spoken with about the election believe that the Conservatives provide the best conditions for companies to startup and grow.”

Alex Gowar @HatchHouseHQ

“Plenty of people woke up on Friday morning with some self-examination to do – no less than three (ahem.. two) party leaders resigned on the spot.

But no-one had cause for greater introspection than the pollsters who had so spectacularly “failed” to call the outcome of the election. The traditional bellwethers of polls and bookmakers were consistently way off the mark.

But rather than scoff, there is something that technology can learn (or remind itself) from the pollsters’ dark night.

First, data, “big” or “small” is just that – data. It’s only as smart as the questions asked, the answers given, and your interpretations of them. Collecting research data is only one aspect of getting your product right, and even then only if you can identify the real insight.

The second is that there is often a substantial margin of error between what your users tell you they want and the actions they take. Those actions are the only real test of what’s important to you and your business. Maintain a healthy disrespect for “intention”.

And lastly success will often be decided by a small core group of users with a disproportionate sway on the outcome. They are difficult to find and even harder to predict, but you must carefully listen to them and respond quickly to what their actions are telling you.”

Ben Stevenson @mrbenstevenson

“Like most things in life, competency goes a long way. Whether you agree with their policies or not sadly only two parties managed to organise themselves.”


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