As you know, Katie and I meet many startups on a regular basis and hear very interesting insights and stories about how they were founded, the challenges they face and how they manage to solve some of these challenges.

So, we have decided to note down the best founder stories we’ve heard here.

Story #1 – yReceipts

Getting more clients is not always easy. In a B2B business, it can be even harder – lots of people knock on one person’s door.

Today’s story is about Alex, the co-founder of yReceipts, a company that helps retailers connect shoppers to transactions through digital receipts in retail stores.

Like many startups, yReceipts found it hard to reach out to their early customers.

They needed to speak to Marketing Directors from major retailers.

But as a lot of you might know, it’s not easy to get the attention of the right people in big companies.

Do The Work

So, they came up with what they thought was a tough plan because they had no alternative – sadly they had no smart shortcut.

On every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Alex and his co-founders went to a shopping street (a different one on each day) in London.

They went into each shop and interviewed sales assistants to find out how they interacted with their customers, what technology they were using, etc.

That was all very interesting research but they only really had one goal. The goal of the interview was to get the email address of the Marketing Director of the company – most of the time they did.

I was in your store today and….

Once the team got back to the office, Alex could then email the Marketing Director and say something along the lines of, “Hi Jane, I spoke to John in your Oxford Street store today about how you link online and office sales, and he said…..”.

Of course most of the Marketing Directors replied.

And as time went on yReceipts started to get more sales.

And each week their database of Marketing Directors got bigger and bigger.

Maintaining The Relationships

Sometimes though, the Marketing Directors moved roles but Alex was connected on LinkedIn so could (and did) casually stay in touch.

And the thing about them moving roles was it was always an upward move – sweet.

So, with a simple, non-scaleable, offline plan, they never had to send a single “cold” email and ended up with all the best relationships.

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