It used to be the case that new employees would settle in, take their time to learn the ropes and, if they were unsure about anything, they were encouraged to ask. No question was too simple and – especially in front of a client – if anything wasn’t certain then admit the uncertainty and seek the right answer from a more experienced colleague.

The thing is, now there are no certainties at all – even senior colleagues don’t know, they’re all guessing too.

It all reminds me of possibly the best Seth Godin post:

Some tips for deciding:

  1. Google it. (If the answer to the question, “Do you want me to Google that for you?” is ‘yes’ then definitely don’t ask – especially if you’re about to ask your boss).
  2. Trust your gut – what does it say?
  3. Ask your gut ‘why?’ a few times to get that into words.
  4. Ask yourself what you’re afraid of if you make a decision.
  5. Think about the worst that could happen financially and reputationally.

Record the answers to the above for rationale/justification later.

Decisions, not time, makes the difference.

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