Nicky Surapaitoon is Co‐Head of Deliveree and Member of the Board for Inspire Ventures – a newly established US$25 million principal-backed venture fund with investment teams in Thailand and Vietnam. Inspire Ventures invest in businesses that execute proven, and sometimes novel, business models in the ASEAN markets with a strong emphasis on localization.

Inspire Ventures’s portfolio company, Deliveree, is mobile and web app that connects customers with transporters to move anything from a few boxes up to a full truckload in key metro areas across SE Asia. The real-time platform allows customers to enter bookings and then be matched to a transporter who arrives within a specified time.

Home is…

Where ever I lay my hat.

Favourite city discovery?


What was the last play you saw?

I prefer the real deal, but last play i watched was “In the Heights” Broadway show in New York.

Favourite shopping?

The Emporium or any Chanel cosmetics shop.

Earliest city memory?


What would you do if you were in charge of the city for the day?

Free Beer Fridays!!!

Best place to let your hair down?

Home with my favourite Dogue but there is always a party wherever I go! Bangkok is the best!

First thing you do when you arrive back in town?

Kiss my Dogue!

Building you’d like to be locked in all night?

Villa Market

Who do you call when you want to have fun?

Ghostbusters. No, they call me.

Best meal?

L’Normandie or Appia ….. My mom home’s cook is running close with those two.

Favourite pub?

Brew Beers & Ciders; actually I prefer any happy hours at any roof-top bars in Bangkok.

Who is your hero?

SaNim, my Dogue. Well actually its also my Dad.

Biggest extravagance?

Handbags “Chanel”.

Best piece of advice?

Go Chanel or Go Home!

At the moment you are….

Working, sort of..… on the right and fabulous path of my career.

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