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Investec Wealth & Investment hosted a dinner with entrepreneurs from the 9others network to ask some of the UK’s most promising entrepreneurs what kinds of challenges they’re facing. Listening to them and understanding their concerns helps keep Investec’s approach, services and products at the leading edge.

Selected Insights

On the difficulty of raising capital in London…

  • Finance is everywhere – London is awash with money (if you know where to look).
  • It’s easy to raise money with a story, but you have to back it up with data.
  • People who test, test and test their product are much more likely to survive past seed funding.

On the biggest concerns around investment…

  • (EIS/SEIS) have brought a wave of new angel investors – some of whom will simply be taking a punt and could do more harm than good.
  • Make it your policy to interview potential investors.
  • (Investors)  should respect your business model and introduce you to exciting new, aligned opportunities.

On expanding and operating internationally…

  • You can serve worldwide customers from the get-go.
  • When considering equity and salaries for overseas staff, it may need to be structured locally.

Other points raised were entering and operating in heavily regulated industries, taking advantage of different personality types as well as insights on advisory boards that work and boards of directors that don’t.


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