I was introduced to Simon and John from ONTY a few months ago and just ‘got’ what they’re doing. I think it’ll be really useful for the 9others network.

I think of ONTY as googling something then having a bunch of people you can talk to about what you’ve just google, without having to share your entire online identity.

So as 9others is all about creating a deliberately small, curated place where good people can begin useful relationships to solve problems, I’d like us to use ONTY – please sign up.

ONTY matches stories, your story, to other people’s. It doesn’t care what the story is (work, family, travel, goals, relationships). It’s story agnostic and you tell your story how you want. ONTY’s about private sharing. When ONTY finds someone that matches parts of your story, you can talk to them immediately, knowing only the shared information and not who’s who.

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